More Subscriptions Means More Savings!


Everyone gets a 10% discount** when pre-ordering comics with us, even if it's just a single issue. But we believe in further rewarding those who use our pre-order subscription service to maintain on an ongoing pull list with six or more titles.

How are they rewarded? It's simple, the discount scales up as the number of subscriptions increases (details below). It's similar to the Hulk. Instead of getting stronger as you get mad, you'll save more money as you subscribe to a greater number of titles.

(Ok, it's not really like the Hulk, but we think you get the picture.)

*All pre-orders come with a FREE bag and board.

**10% is the maximum discount given for incentive (ratio) variants because of the cost of qualifying for them. In order to obtain this discount, a client must have at least one subscription to an ongoing monthly title and have requested it before its release date.

Discount Rates

  • 0-5 SUBSCRIPTIONS: 10%
  • 6-10 SUBSCRIPTIONS: 15%
  • 11+ SUBSCRIPTIONS: 20%

So, how exactly does it work? Let's look at a few examples.

Let's say Peter Parker has 5 monthly Spider-Man titles, i.e. 5 subscriptions, on his pull list. That would entitle him to a 10% discount on all of his comic book pre-orders, including the exceptional copy of a Black Cat issue he really wants (it's a sexy J. Scott Campbell variant cover, so duh).

Peter Parker decides to add a 6th Spider-Man title (yeah, he's a bit self-centred) to his pull list. He now has 6 subscriptions, so his discount is now 15%.

Peter Parker decides he's had enough of Spider-Man and that he no longer wants any of those Spider-Man titles on his pull list. Instead, he'll just stick with that Black Cat variant. Zero subscriptions means he still gets a 10% discount on his sole pre-ordered book.

NOTE: The above discount applies to pre-ordered comic books. Discounts for other types of pre-ordered products will vary. Please contact us for details.